Nelson Laracuente

Nelson Laracuente

Senior Software Engineer with 8 years of experience in mentoring, designing, architecting, and building sophisticated solutions while being an advocate for industry best practices such as the SOLID methodology, design patterns, and writing clean, testable, scaleable, readable, maintainable, and extendable code with 5 years of game development experience using the Unity game engine and C#, managing a team of independent developers and publishing games on the platform

Published Games

Visit my for the full library of games.

Light of the World (2022) (Source Code)

Side scrolling 2D platformer puzzler where you use a shield like a boomerang to light up the way, remain in the light, and avoid the darkness

ARK (2021) (Source Code)

2D tile-based puzzler where you create paths for shepherds to follow as they collect pairs of animals to bring to the ark before the flood comes

Shiled of Faith (2021) (Source Code)

Top-down 3D action where you bounce your shield to hit enemies, create combos, and remove obstacles

Buddy System (2019) (Source Code)

3D Puzzler where you control two robots that must share a battery to power on and solve puzzles